Supporting Women’s Health With Massage

For each body's cycle, we have treatments designed for you whether you're trying to conceive, pregnant or struggling with menstrual pain each month. Learn how massage is beneficial to women’s health.

Fertility Massage Treatments

Did you know stress is the number one cause for unexplained infertility? At Oceana Massage, our founder and bodyworker Susan Polano has worked with many healthcare providers over the years to help assist women in getting pregnant by relieving the stress and anxiety of conceiving. If you’re trying to get pregnant, book an appointment with Susan for a consultation and treatment, where we can try to ease any body misalignment that may have affected your ability to conceive. 

Stress relieving massage
Women's Health Massage

Prenatal Massage Treatments

With more than 15 years of experience and hundreds of happy prenatal clients, Oceana Massage is truly one of Vancouver’s top providers of Prenatal Massage. Not only does prenatal massage feel great, but it may also help to reduce insomnia, obstetric, post-natal care, and post-partum complications.