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Is your fast paced life getting you down?
Are you overwhelmed with work, kids, life?
Do you work over 50 hours a week?
When was the last time you slept through the night?
Do you find you never take a break and just do something for YOU?

Turning life off, even for an hour, gives your mind, body and spirit the chance to “reboot” so that you can perform more optimally when you re-engage. Like taking a vacation, pre-scheduled massages are an important element of  maintaining your health, optimizing performance, and supporting success as they allow you to  take a break, regain equilibrium and re-fuel for the next challenge. Unlike vacations, however, regular massage is much cheaper, can be done in a short period of time (avoiding the stress of preparing to go on vacation and catching up when you get back), and can actually alleviate stress before it even happens.

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 Benefits of Massage for Stress Relief

  • Build Health, Productivity & Resilience: Regular pre-booked treatments help you overcome the stressful daily lives of working too many hours and leading unhealthy lifestyles. In one treatment you will have more energy, better mental clarity and increased productivity.  You will swear you haven’t felt that relaxed in months or even years! With regular treatments over time, you will increase your resilience to stress and enhance your overall well-being.
  • Support Mental Health: Recent research on the correlation between massage and counseling supports this. The research found that there is a significant positive impact from participating in counselling and massage in combination, rather than one without the other. This validates that there is a strong mind-body connection, and that addressing the physical symptoms of stress can go a long way to support you in making healthier mental and emotional choices as well. Massage is not just a release of tight muscles and back pain but a valve that allows you to rest from your racing thoughts and emotions.
  • Be a Better Person: In July 2013 New York Times article,  neuroscientists Helen Weng and Richard Davidson stated that even brief meditative time like that in a quiet massage session can alter neural functioning in brain areas associated with empathic understanding of others’ distress. So if you thought it was selfish to take quiet time for yourself while you think everyone else needs your help and attention, this study shows that the power of massage not only impacts us, but directly impact others. It means you’ll be nicer.

How Much Massage Do I Need for Stress Relief?

People ask me all the time, “how often should I be getting a massage”? The answer might surprise you.

If you lead a non-stressful, peaceful, balanced life, every 2 or 3 months is good.  If you are like most people who work more than 30 hours a week, don’t exercise very often, rarely drink water and eat less than healthfully, your body (and mind) needs a massage every 3 to 4 weeks.  Even regular clients who come bi-weekly don’t necessarily feel like they need a massage until they lie down on the table.  That’s when I hear, “I didn’t realize I had so many knots!” or “I didn’t realize I had that much stress”. Clients who went from a having a massage as a treat to having it regularly notice that it had a huge positive impact on their performance and all other areas of their life. Regular massage is an essential part of leading a healthy balanced life and manage the stress that we all feel from regular living. The more stress, the more massage.

Case Studies

Busy Professional: One client is an architect who comes every two weeks.  She works 60-hour weeks, has a family, and flies over to the island to take care of her mother every other week. While she exercises two or three times a week to manage her stress, it still shows up constantly in her neck, upper back and shoulders. Despite doing all she can in other areas to manager her stress, she swears by how essential her regular massage is for helping her manage the pace of her life.

Major Transition: Another client started treatment for shoulder stiffness when she was going through a divorce, buying and moving into a new home, doing renovations, and working about 50 hours a week. After an hour and a half of a therapeutic deep tissue massage, she felt much better physically, mentally and emotionally.  Our unique combination of Eastern and Western massage techniques means that not only is deep tissue massage very relaxing, our treatments provide both immediate escape from stress and long-term relief of the underlying tension that contributes to physical stress symptoms.

Supporting Mental Health: One client swears by following up each of her weekly therapy sessions with a massage treatment. “The massage stimulates mental and physical releases that support me in the integration of my treatments.”

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I’ve had the lucky opportunity of several massages over my lifetime (when I’ve finally convinced myself that I matter too in my busy world) and I have never experienced anything so relaxing, stress reliving and nourishing to my soul as an Oceana Massage. So close your eyes, clear your mind and allow yourself to slip into the peaceful place this magic massage will deliver………I promise you won’t be disappointed!!!!!!
One of the best massages I’ve had anywhere in the world! Susan at Oceana is a truly gifted massage therapist. She has a charming and effervescent personality, that becomes tranquil and meditative the moment she initiates the massage process… and it’s an amazing process. She always knows precisely the right questions to ask when you walk in the door, how to set the tone for the session, and exactly the type of massage you need that day. She is also uniquely adept at assessing what areas need attention the most, and how best to to do that – and it may be slightly different than you think! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve discovered various tension spots while lying on that table – tension spots that moments later had magically melted away. I tend to be a skeptic when it comes to massage therapists; everyone proclaims that theirs is the best, but Susan is the real deal! I’ve travelled to and lived in many cities around the world, and if I could pick just one to return to for a massage, it would be to Vancouver to see Susan. I’ll say it again, she is truly, truly gifted, and anyone who is lucky enough to get an appointment would be doing themselves, and their body a favour by spending some time with her. Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy!
Hunter Phoenix, Inspired Solutions Coaching
After my Aromatherapy massage I felt relaxed and refreshed. Today, as we face day-to-day stress and heavy workloads we tend to forget about ourselves.
Laura M, Marketing Director
Real Estate can be a stressful business and Susan’s massages are an amazing solution to de-stressing! I have been a regular client for a long time now and her monthly program is ESSENTIAL to any business person wanting to keep themselves in the game!
Art D
A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of experiencing a massage from Susan Polano at Oceana Massage. This was the second time visiting her at her location in Yaletown. My testimonial is regarding my 1st experience of how Susan took my stress, my anxiety, and workload to peace for an hour of bliss and relaxation. I was just hit with unsettling news regarding work as I showed up, and right from the start Susan made me feel comfortable, and at ease. The variation of massage oil, relaxation spray, and soft music took all my cares away, as well as the many knots throughout my body. I have had many massages in the past, but would recommend everyone to Susan because of her amazing knowledge of the body and her great hands. If you have a stressful job or life, go see her! After my massage, I had a sense of peace and I think my employees were very happy I saw Susan too. She even taught me something I can do at home to stretch to avoid future issues, which was never taught to me before at a massage studio.

Thank you again for the wonderful experience, and the many future visits to come.

Mark Hirschi
I’ve had back problems for years and once I had a massage with Oceana Massage, all others paled in comparison. Susan Polano got to know my issues and has the most healing hands and warm and friendly personality. The entire experience has always been one of comfort and relief from pain and stress. She is very skilled and uses different techniques to alleviate pain and stress. I always walk out straighter and much more relaxed than when I walk into my appointments. I highly recommend Susan Polano and Oceana Massage to anyone.
Ingrid de Jong Joffe
I’ve been going to various massage therapists for the last few years for my arms and back because of RSI from the work I do. For the last couple of months I’ve gone to Susan for treatment and she’s an amazing Massage Therapist. My condition feels like it’s now improving after nearly a decade and I can be without pain much of the time. Susan seems to be able to make much more progress during the treatment time than other massage therapists I’ve gone to in the past. Highly recommended!
WR, Vancouver
Susan from Oceana Massage has been my massage therapist for 5 years. Thanks to her expertise, I have relief from pain in my back and legs, as well as a much reduced stress level. I would recommend Susan to anyone who is looking for a very knowledgeable, professional and caring massage therapist. Some of the things that are most impressive about her are her ability to provide relief for whatever aches and pains you may have. She even knows which muscles are sore before I tell her! Susan provides a relaxing, calm and warm atmosphere in her studio. She’s the best!

S.T., West Vancouver
Dear Susan,

I am a very driven personality and carry many of my business and personal issues in my body. This is a fact that I am now very aware of, and also realize how important it is to take care of my body, treat myself with kindness, etc. Last weekend, I was involved in a very intensive seminar. Both Friday and Saturday were 8 hour days of major brain cramming till exhaustion. I was getting in my car when I thought of you and your incredible healing hands and energy that you carry. We got together that evening and you spent 1 ½ hours massaging and relaxing me. In fact, I dozed off a few times. Susan, you have a wonderful gift of healing, and I strongly urge everyone to go for an “Oceana tune-up” at least once a month. Once you start, you will be hooked.

Kind Regards,

Recently I went to have a massage with Susan at Oceana Massage. I had been having a crazy few weeks and I was feeling under the weather so I decided to taken time for myself. I spent an hour in Susan’s soothing hands, feeling relaxed and pampered. The room was warn and had amazing scents that made me relax and helped my cold retreat. Susan knew just where I was feeling my tension and made sure that by the end I had released what I was holding the tightest. For an hour there was not work, family or stress and it was just about me and making myself relax.

When I heard the bell and knew my hour was over I was so disappointed to have it end. I left feeling refreshed and relaxed and it stayed with me for days.Susan is a phenomenal massage therapist. I love her energy and kind, friendly spirit. Her body work is fantastic… the energy she has, coupled with strong hands, the aromatherapy, & knowledge of her profession makes for a very enjoyable & effective massage. I look forward to seeing her again and will recommend her to others every chance I get.

Gina, Mortgage Broker
Thank you very much for the wonderful massage. I slept like the dead that night. Boy did I need that 🙂
DL, Salt Spring
I discovered Susan of Oceana Massage at a time when I needed not only a really good massage but also, spiritual healing. Susan’s service goes above and beyond other massage therapists. She seeks out what you need not just physically but emotionally and spiritually as well. My muscles felt worked but not ‘beat-up’. They felt soft and supple after her massage techniques but more than that, I felt as though I had just done a Yoga class as I enjoyed this incredible sense of calming balance resonating throughout my entire body and mind. I would highly recommend Oceana Massage to everyone!
My aromatherapy massage with Susan was truly uplifting and inspiring. She has such a wonderful presence – cheerful like sunshine yet down to earth, kind and friendly. Susan has such a nurturing touch – throughout the massage, she made me feel so safe and comforted, cocooned in a sea of warmth, and divine scents tailored specifically for my needs. At once, I relaxed and experienced deep healing and soothing of the soul, body and mind. I was able to let go, to get centered and to fully release the mind, which is normally a huge challenge for me. Susan is very intuitive, and I felt honored and supported by the experience. I will be recommending Susan to all my friends and family for a healing massage that goes above and beyond ones expectations.
Susan (or Oceana) created a wonderful environment for my massage and took the time to find out my own particular stresses. After one of the treatments I practically floated out of the office.
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