Improve your Performance with a Sports Massage in Vancouver

Improve your performance and enjoyment of your active lifestyle whether you're a weekend warrior or a dedicated athlete trying to compete at your peak.


What You Need to Know About Sports Massage

Recovery is an essential part of any training, whether you're a weekend warrior or an athlete. No matter what sport or activity you're into, you need to take care of your muscles and tendons with a proper sports massage.


And that's precisely what we offer here at Oceana Massage! With over 10 years of experience, our practitioners have been developing and customizing treatments tailored for each athlete's needs.

Discover the main benefits of sports massage:

May treat and prevent injuries

May improve flexibility

May increase performance

May reduce tightness

May alleviate pain

Is there a difference between sports massage vs massage therapy?

Sports massage is a treatment intended to improve athletic performance by increasing flexibility, loosening tight areas, and reducing muscle tension. Facilitating your training regiment or expanding your active lifestyle. Unlikely massage therapy that is more focused on the whole-body experience, including relieving stress.

What else do you need to know before booking your sports massage?

Before starting any treatment, Oceana's practitioners get to know you first by asking a few questions, such as when was the last time you have exercised, are you feeling pain or soreness?


From there, we take a unique approach to help you enhance your training at all levels.

Stress relieving massage

What our clients have to say:

​​I would like to thank you for your warm professionalism and excellent service. As soon as I entered the front doors of Oceana massage I was greeted with your vibrant smile and pleasing energy, I felt very at ease and enjoyed the calm nature of your facility. You took great care in making sure I was in a peaceful state of mind before commencing with the massage. The scented room and soothing music put my racing mind at ease, and you really made me appreciate the little things that made this such a fantastic experience.


From the hot towels you used to soothe my aching body, to your excellent awareness of all my muscles that needed attention, you made sure that I was going to leave feeling like a million bucks.


After just two sessions with you, my body was functioning with less aches, and my stressed muscles were rejuvenated. I would recommend your massage in a heartbeat.


I was very concerned about my shin splints acting up during the Tough Mudder Race. I came to see you a day before the race and you applied the necessary techniques to ensure that my shins would endure the impact of the race. Wow, I was totally shocked that I didn’t feel pain in my shins one bit for the 17 km. of running in that crazy rain. Thank you so much, Susan.


Dave W.