Recover from your injury with our Vancouver RMT-led Rehab Massage Program and live life pain-free again

What you can expect from rehab massages?

At Oceana Massage, we understand the stress and pain that comes after an injury, whether it's a result of an auto accident,
a sports injury, or a workplace injury.


Our RMT practitioners will book you in for a consultation to determine the cause of the injury and the corresponding treatment plan.  From there, they will prepare a tailored rehabilitation massage plan to help you recover and get back to living life the way you want again. 

rehab massage

How can a rehab massage program help you?

  • May treat injuries - massage restores blood flow and mobility to injured muscle tissue, supporting and speeding healing.


  • May prevent injuries – massage decreases tightness and increases flexibility, decreasing the likelihood of injury.


  • May regain mobility - Regular massage helps you to work out the inevitable knots and tightness that result from training and exercise, helping you to retain and increase flexibility and performance over the long term.


  • May improve sleep -  Regular massage after training or competition keeps muscles relaxed, allowing your body to get the sleep it needs to fully benefit from your training.


  • May increase performance - Massage increases your flexibility, reduces pain, improves blood flow to muscles, and aids recovery – all of which contribute to improved athletic performance and enhanced overall health.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

​​For recovery massage treatments, we advise coming in for a session, where our massage therapists will discuss the number of treatments expected for recovery.

Rehab Massage

Our clients' feedback about our massage services

Leah is the star! She found pain points of my back very easily and accurately. Great experience and service. Would come back again!

Frank P

First time going for a massage! Felt great afterward Eleanor was great thanks for the experience I will be coming back

Cody G.