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You’re pregnant, congratulations! Whether you are three months or 9 months, massage can assist you with the transition as your body adapts in preparation for your baby’s arrival. With more than 10 years experience and hundreds of satisfied prenatal clients, Oceana Massage truly is Vancouver’s Prenatal Massage Specialist.

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Make Your Journey to Motherhood Special with Prenatal Massage

Although this is a happy event, there are many stresses that your mind and body will go through. Sleeplessness, reduced mobility, and lower back pain, together with any concerns about impending motherhood and the work required to get ready to welcome a baby into your family all put stress on you and your baby. The more rested and relaxed you are, the more healthy and enjoyable your pregnancy will be – and the more your growing baby will benefit!

Prenatal massage allows women to approach labour with more confidence and less anxiety. It soothes you and your unborn baby using a specially designed pillow that permits you to lie on your stomach during massage. Prenatal massage allows for a slightly deeper massage to alleviate a sore lower back from carrying your baby. It relieves pregnancy discomforts such as lower back pain, poor circulation and many other symptoms that come with pregnancy.

Prenatal Massage Benefits:

Prenatal massage feels great, but did you know about the following amazing benefits research has shown are specific to prenatal massage?

  • Decreased insomnia;
  • Easier, shorter and less painful delivery;
  • Fewer obstetric and post-partum complications;
  • Decreased likelihood of post-partum depression;
  • Stress relief on weight-bearing joints, such as ankles, lower back and pelvis;
  • Relief of neck and back pain caused by muscle imbalance and weakness;
  • Reduced heart rate and blood pressure;
  • Assistance in maintaining proper postures;
  • Reduced swelling in hands and feet;
  • Lessened sciatic pain;
  • Emotional support, stress relief, and increased general well-being the comes from regular massage; and
  • A baby that  sleeps better and has less incidence of colic after delivery.

Testimonials from Happy Moms:

Your unobtrusive touch and professionalism makes it a great experience each and every time I have a visit. And I can not say enough about the help you do in improving my circulation while so many other pregnant women I talk to have something to say about the back pains and tightness they get while being pregnant. For me, these massages have reduced the stress of pregnancy and relieved the discomfort of pain associated in the lower back, neck, hips, and legs. I would definitely suggest to all pregnant women get at least 2 massages a month to help the body adjust to the changes and comfort you through the experience of being an expectant mother.

Since I started at week 23 into my pregnancy, my body feels great being 36 weeks pregnant and I truly believe it’s from getting prenatal massages from Susan. Keep doing a terrific job!

Doing stuff outside the home without your newborn at least a couple times a week is so important for your sanity and well-being. Getting a massage from Susan was a 1 hour holiday! So relaxing and soothing. What a treat, I highly recommend it.
I am very lucky to have found Susan while being pregnant, to visit frequently for massage therapy. I had no idea what to expect, this being my first pregnancy, but I soon came to understand what others had been telling me about sore hips, a sore back, and pretty much a sore everything. I don’t know what I would have done if not for Susan. During my appointments she knew exactly what was sore and how to relieve the discomfort. I always felt amazing after my treatment, like I could walk for miles. It was great to feel so renewed and refreshed. I found that after a treatment I could sleep much better at night, and I would wake up without feeling so stiff and sore. My husband also appreciated the work Susan did, because he could also get some sleep without me tossing and turning, and grumbling about my hips at 2am.
Not only is Susan an amazing massage therapist, but on top of that she is one of the most caring and generous people I know. She always goes out of her way to make sure you are feeling good, if that means spending more time with you, recommending stretches, or products to try. Susan is genuinely interested in you as a person, and cares about you and your baby on the way. There are a lot of massage therapists out there, but not all of them create a warm, friendly, comfortable environment as Susan does, which is especially valuable in such a significant period of time as pregnancy is in your life.
I have benefited a great deal from Pregnancy Massage treatments both emotionally and physically. Susan is a highly professional therapist, always sensitive to client’s needs and helped me feel relaxed and comfortable offering knowledge and advice. I particularly enjoyed the sense of calmness, relaxation and soothing scents during the massage. I would definitely recommend Pregnancy Massage to others for the health benefits and sense of peace and wellbeing experienced during and after treatments with Susan.
I have been a client of Susan’s for a couple of years now. She has always been a wonderful massage therapist. Now, we have changed our massage sessions because of my pregnancy (I am currently 34 weeks). I have found that regular massages with Susan have helped me get in touch with my changing body.
Theresa M, Mom of bouncing baby Joshua.
I’ve been here twice to see Susan for my much needed prenatal massage and she is wonderful. For the two times that I’ve seen her, I felt completely relaxed and zen after each visit. I was so happy to have found her that I purchased a package of 10 massages so I will be seeing her for some time to come.
Patricia L
The BEST massage I’ve ever gotten. I was so sad when it ended. This woman knows her pregnancy massages! She was absolutely fantastic Audi made another appointment before I even left. I would highly recommend her to anyone in need of a therapeutic massage.
CJW, Whistler
Susan is, by far, the BEST practitioner I have come across to date. She worked on me during my pregnancy and I continue to see her today. Highly recommend.
BV, . Vancouver

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