Experience Prenatal Massage in Vancouver with our Tailored Program

What is Prenatal Massage?

When you are pregnant, your body may experience discomfort, decreased mobility, sleep problems, and worries related to motherhood. Pregnancy massage may be the perfect solution when everything seems upside down. Oceana Massage practitioners have over 15 years of experience helping women get ready for their little one's arrival.

Find out what benefits prenatal massage can provide:

May relieve pregnancy discomfort

May alleviate lower back pain

May reduce swelling of hands and feet

May increase circulation

May reduce heart rate and blood pressure

May decrease insomnia

May regulate hormone levels

May improve holistic well-being

Pregnancy Massage

Is pregnancy massage safe?

Every trimester in your pregnancy requires special care and a unique approach. Prenatal massage is a great way to reduce stress and increase relaxation during pregnancy. Our experienced massage therapists in Vancouver tailor your massage treatment based on your needs and comfort level so that both you and your baby feel safe and comfortable at all times. This is our top priority!

Testimonials from Moms:

I’ve been here twice to see Susan for my much-needed prenatal massage, and she is wonderful. For the two times that I’ve seen her, I felt completely relaxed and zen after each visit.


I was so happy to have found her that I purchased a package of 10 massages, so I will be seeing her for some time to come.

Patricia L.

Prenatal massage by Susan is a treat! Every week I am looking forward to seeing her. My lower back pain goes away the next day, and the tense muscles on my shoulders are much better now.


Susan cares about her clients, highly recommend it!

Natalia 10