RMT Massage Supports Pain Relief and Prevention

Do you work at your laptop every day and are starting to feel the effects of tight shoulders, sore neck and lower back pain? Does it prevent you from doing the activities you love? Regular massage treatments are guaranteed to help alleviate those symptoms and increase your overall sense of well-being.

Pain Relief Massage

Discover More About Pain Relief Massage

By combining Deep Tissue, Aromatherapy and Swedish Massage techniques, we offer deep relaxation treatments that not only aid in pain relief, but also enhance your resilience to stress and may improve your functioning in sleep, in digestion and with posture.

May relieve lower-back pain

May prevent arthritis 

May ease muscle pain

May release endorphins

May improve mental alertness and sleep quality

May reduce stress

How many sessions are recommended?

While one massage can provide pain relief in  the moment, it will not fix an issue that’s been ongoing,  caused by underlying habits and damage created over time. If you are dedicated to helping your body heal, then a long-term massage plan is aimed to reverse the effects of wear and tear from daily activities. 


To support you in healing and enhancing your well-being, we offer a variety of packages that will fit your unique needs and budget.

Reviews from clients about our pain relief massage treatment

I’ve had back problems for years and once I had a massage with Oceana Massage, all others paled in comparison. The entire experience has always been one of comfort and relief from pain and stress. She is very skilled and uses different techniques to alleviate pain and stress. I always walk out straighter and much more relaxed than when I walk into my appointments. I highly recommend Susan Polano and Oceana Massage to anyone.

Claudine L.

Susan from Oceana Massage has been my massage therapist for 5 years. Thanks to her expertise, I have relief from pain in my back and legs, as well as a much reduced stress level. I would recommend Susan to anyone who is looking for a very knowledgeable, professional and caring massage therapist. Some of the things that are most impressive about her are her ability to provide relief for whatever aches and pains you may have. Susan provides a relaxing, calm and warm atmosphere in her studio. She’s the best!

Ingrid de J.