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How does Massage help?

Massage can reduce stress and stress related hormones, along with encouraging the liver to dispose of excess hormone which disrupt the healthy functioning of our bodies. Among the many benefits of massage therapy are those related to the body's production and regulation of Neurohormones. These are the hormones produced by the nervous system that affect

Wow! Oceana Massage is a Vancouver Courier Star!

Every year, one of my favourite traditions is to see who won the Stars of Vancouver awards in the Vancouver Courier newspaper. I skim through the list and see how many winning businesses I have visited. So you can imagine how thrilled I was to learn that Oceana Massage made the list in 2016! We

Hot Stone massage basics

When most people think about a massage, the first thing that comes to mind is the sensation of warm hands soothing aching muscles. Most people don’t associate stones with relaxation. But hot stone massage is actually a very soothing technique I use for relaxation and healing and once my clients try it, they ask for

Are you SAD?

Winter in Vancouver. The mountains disappear under a cover of grey rain clouds. We trudge under umbrellas and wait for the sun to come out. But let’s face it, folks. We live in a rainforest. And a sunny winter is not in the cards. For all the beauty of our fair region, these long days

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