Eating right can beat stress

Are you a stress eater? I know I am. Sometimes I don’t even know how stressed I am until I start craving something savoury. Other people crave sweets or chocolates or cakes and cookies. So MANY yummy distractions from our troubles! But I’m sure you know that even though it feels good when you are

Detox massage can help energize you

How are you? We ask each other this question every day but do you really stop and take stock of how you are really feeling? Are you tired? Sore? Cranky? Chances are your body is suffering a build-up of toxins. Every day we are exposed to toxins in the air, and what we eat or

How toxic are you?

Whether we like it or not, toxins are part of our lives. Many are out of our control, from the air we breathe to the water to the soil that grows the food we eat. So should we just accept that they are a way of life? How dangerous are toxins anyway… plenty, according to

Are you SAD?

Winter in Vancouver. The mountains disappear under a cover of grey rain clouds. We trudge under umbrellas and wait for the sun to come out. But let’s face it, folks. We live in a rainforest. And a sunny winter is not in the cards. For all the beauty of our fair region, these long days

Let’s rest and relax!

You know how these cooler days and darker mornings make it harder to get up in the morning? It’s not just because of the winter weather, it’s your body telling you it needs more time to rest. Lately my body has been telling me, “Susan. Take it easy. Relax!” So that is what I am

Why Nothing can be Something Special

Why Nothing can be Something Special I did something very unusual during the Christmas holidays. I did absolutely nothing. And it was fabulous! Usually the Christmas season is one of the busiest and I could have filled my calendar with massage therapy appointments every day. Traditionally, I also have always been accessible to clients and

Why we all need a Healing Touch

Why we all need a Healing Touch You know that old saying, “You’re getting on my nerves?” Well if you want to be technical, you could say this instead: “You’re getting on my 50 nerves.” Sound funny? Your skin actually has 50 nerve endings in every square inch. And there are also almost 5 million

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