Refresh your face with Buccal Massage

Put your best face first with a buccal massage!


At Oceana Massage, we are proud to introduce buccal massages to our Gastown studio! This cutting-edge healing treatment will leave you feeling more relaxed and looking even more refreshed.

What is a buccal massage?

Buccal massages, also known as intraoral massages and/or myofascial massages, are treatments designed to naturally contour your face.


Unlike external massages, buccal massages allow our RMTs to apply a holistic and intraoral facial massage that reaches muscles that are often neglected.


When you attend your buccal appointment, our RMT will wear sterilized gloves to massage the exterior and interior of your face. Buccal massages release all tension from your facial muscles and jaw. This treatment will focus on your neck, face, jaw, cheekbones and nasolabial folds.

How does buccal massage benefit the body?

Eases jaw tension

Reduces puffiness

Improves circulation

Sculpts facial muscles

Flushes toxins from the face

Soothes emotional anxiety and stress

Help smooth lines and wrinkles naturally

Feel refreshed with a Buccal Massage in our Vancouver Gastown studio!

How sanitary are buccal massages?

Rest assured, buccal massages are very sanitary!


When you arrive for your buccal massage, our RMTs will begin by sanitizing their hands. Then, our RMTs will wear sterile gloves to massage your neck and face. After, all you need to do is enjoy your massage!

At what age should I begin doing buccal massages?

You can start at any age!


Buccal massages can especially benefit more mature clients to smooth lines and puffiness, however, younger clients can also benefit from our buccal treatment for an instant (and natural) face-lift. Plus, everyone can feel rejuvenated from this healing and relaxing treatment.


Are buccal massages covered by my health insurance?

Yes! All of Oceana Massage’s practitioners are RMTs and therefore any treatment we provide can be claimed on your health insurance plan.

For our full list of health insurance providers and information on billing, check here.