Massage Therapy for Summer Wellness

summer wellness

We can’t wait for summer! It’s been a long, cold Vancouver winter, and we can’t wait for warmer, longer summer days to boost our mood and get us outdoors more! For many, summertime increases physical activity and sometimes our stress. Even if your schedules get busier and the stresses on your personal and work life increase, ensure you don’t neglect your health and take time for some summer wellness and self-care. 

An excellent self-care activity that’s also good for your physical and mental health and well-being is getting a registered massage therapist (RMT) massage. These massages help heal and rejuvenate your body and mind, so injury, pain, or illness don’t put a damper on your exciting summer plans. 

Keep reading to learn why massage therapy should be part of your summer wellness and self-care routine.  

Longer days may increase your activity

In the short, dark winters, we often “hibernate” indoors, and many of us opt for curling up in front of the fireplace with a book rather than being physically active. 

Come summer, with its nicer weather and longer days, you may find yourself out and about more.  And, if you have a lawn to mow and gardens to tend, these activities can cause pain and stress in your body, as you’re not used to doing these movements. This increased activity could make you sore, and massage can help. 

Kids home from school? Your stress may increase

If you’re a parent, summertime often means your kids are home from school. Unless they’re in summer programs or daycare, this adds a new stress level to your everyday life. From entertaining them to ensuring they’re fed, to dealing with boo-boos and sibling fights, your mental capacity may be stretched to its limit during the summer holidays. 

Massages support the summer wellness and self-care you need to relax your body and overworked mind in the summer. If your kids are noisy, an RMT massage is a perfect quiet space and listen to soothing music instead of hearing their screams all day. 

Heat and humidity can increase swelling

The summer heat makes some people more prone to swelling as your body retains more fluids to stay hydrated. Your joints may feel puffy or swollen more in the summer, which can be painful and restrict your mobility and range of motion.

Regular massages help increase circulation in your body. Lymphatic massage can help expel toxins and excess fluid from the body, helping your swelling decrease and your comfort increase. 

Fight summer colds and infections

As you explore the world more in summer, you may be exposed to new colds and viruses. Nothing ruins your tropical vacation more than being sick. Keeping your body in top physical shape (through healthy eating and exercise) and mental shape (self-care and relaxation) can help. 

So can massages! Regular massages can help boost your immune system, so you spend more time exploring with your family and less time in bed with a tissue box. It boosts your immunity by:

  • Promoting proper circulation
  • Eliminating stress and boosting your mood
  • Decreasing pain (so your body can focus on fighting infections and viruses)

Roadtrips, travel, and pain

Are you planning any vacations or trips this summer? Sitting for hours on end in a car, plane, or train can cause physical stress on your body. After prolonged sitting, you may notice:

  • Increased swelling (especially in ankles and feet)
  • Sore muscles
  • Numbness in your lower body
  • Sore back or muscle stiffness

A massage before your trip can also help ensure your muscles and body are ready for longer periods of sitting. RMT massage can help you improve your posture (making sitting less uncomfortable) and mood (prolonged sitting can cause emotional stress). 

More tips for preventing summer aches and pains

In addition to regular massages from a qualified RMT, you can reduce your chances of pain or injury this summer. Here are five ways to get your body and mind ready for safe summer fun:

  1. Stretch: Take time to stretch before and after physical activity. Stretching before helps prepare your muscles for physical activity and can prevent injury. Stretching after helps reset your systems and ensure proper circulation to promote faster healing. 
  2. Move often: Prolonged sitting can hurt your body and cause pain. If you take long trips or sit for a long time, try to get up and stretch at least once an hour or more. 
  3. Hydrate: Increase your water intake in the warm summer months to stay hydrated. Drink more water if you are physically active or spend lots of time outdoors. 
  4. Eat healthily: Summer is full of food and beverage temptations (not all are healthy). Do your best to eat as healthy as possible or take supplements to compensate for nutritional deficiencies. Unless advised by a healthcare professional, occasional splurges can be good for your mental health, so don’t feel you must avoid delicious summer foods and drinks altogether. 
  5. See your RMT: See your RMT throughout the summer to support proper circulation, limber muscles and tendons, and support any injuries or pain after the fact.

Where to find a Vancouver RMT with summer availability 

You don’t wait until summer to get your summer wellness massage. You can begin seeing your RMT now to prepare your body and mind for an exciting and safe summer. 

The RMT team at Oceana Massage is available now and throughout the summer months. View our team bios and book your next RMT appointment today