Discover the best places to book massage therapy in Vancouver

Sore? Need a massage? There are many places to get a massage therapy in Vancouver, each with unique services and experiences. Your choice of registered massage therapist will depend on your insurance, the practitioner’s experience you want (or need), and where you’re willing to travel. 

Here are several of the best places to book a registered massage therapy appointment in Vancouver: 

Oceana Massage

Oceana Massage is an award-winning massage therapy clinic on Pender Street in Downtown Vancouver. Our registered massage therapists specialize in stress relief, prenatal, and detox massages for Vancouverites. 

Stress relief massage therapy

In your busy world, relaxing, even for an hour, can have amazing benefits for your physical and mental health. You get even more benefits if you get a massage during that time. 

Our massage therapists offer a variety of health-enhancing massages that aim to cleanse, rejuvenate and re-balance tight muscles and ligaments. We also provide immune-boosting options like Hot Stone and ear candling services. 

Prenatal massage therapy

When you’re pregnant, your RMT’s technique needs to be modified slightly. At Oceana, we have several practitioners who can perform prenatal massages that consider your and your baby’s safety. Just be sure to mention that you’re pregnant when you book.

Detox massage therapy

Massages can also help detox your body. Detoxing your body can help it perform your day-to-day tasks better and increase your athletic performance and overall health. Our detox massage therapists offer Lymphatic Drainage Massage (MLD), AromaTouch Therapy, and Dry Brushing. 

You can book your massage appointment online 24/7 on the Oceana website. 

Smile Thai Wellness

Smile Thai Wellness on Robson Street in downtown Vancouver offers Thai massages. These massages help restore and reconnect your body, mind, and soul to optimal health. Their appointments start at 45 minutes and go up to 120 minutes for longer treatments. 

They specialize in traditional Thai massage, Thai aromatherapy massage, deep tissue massage, relaxation massage, Swedish massage, and foot reflexology.

It’s important to note that none of their massages are performed by registered massage therapists and are not covered by insurance, so you’ll have to pay out-of-pocket. They also do not offer prenatal or pregnancy massages. 

Mountainview Movement

Mountainview Movement has five locations around Vancouver to serve you. With over 40 RMTs and staff, you can find a massage therapist with the unique experience or qualifications you need. 

Mountainview offers several types of massages, including relaxation, deep tissue, sports, Swedish, lymphatic, acupuncture, cupping, prenatal, and trigger point therapy. 

Their clinics are open 7 days a week and often as late as 9 pm. This is great for working professionals who work during the day. 

Spa Utopia

Spa Utopia offers massages and other spa-like services, including esthetics and salon/beauty. They have 2 locations in downtown Vancouver and a third in Langley if that is a more convenient location for you.

They offer many types of massages, including advanced therapeutic massages, several signature treatments, and massages to support women’s health. All services are performed by qualified professionals, and they encourage you to try different practitioners at the spa to find the one you prefer. 

It’s important to note that each location’s pricing may differ, so check out their menus or call to inquire before you book. 

Beverly’s Spa on 4th

Beverly’s Spa on 4th offers massages outside the Vancouver downtown core. Located in Kitsilano, they offer various spa and massage services, including Swedish-style relaxation, CBD, couples, warm stone, and intensive back massage. 

A unique value-add for their face and body treatments is using the private Eucalyptus steam room before your appointment. This therapeutic steam room helps melt away your stress and fatigue. It also helps restore your energy, boost your immune system, and calm your mind before your massage treatment. 

If you require any special massages, such as sports, deep tissue, or prenatal massages, let them know when you book so they can ensure you’re assigned a practitioner with this specialized knowledge. 

Big Feet

Big Feet has over 20 locations throughout Greater Vancouver. They specialize in foot massages, deep tissue massage, acupressure, reflexology, fire cupping, Gua Sha, Moxibustion, and acupuncture.  

In addition to providing RMT services, they give back to the community, donating over $165,000 to the Canadian Cancer Society. 

Elements Wellness

Elements Wellness is located on West Broadway in Kitsilano.  They specialize in Swedish, Deep tissue, Aromatherapy, Lymph Drainage, Thai, and Relaxation Massage. As a multi-disciplinary clinic, they also have a variety of natural and alternative health staff for Acupuncture, Spa Massage, Nutrition, NAET Allergy Elimination, Neurolink, Craniosacral Therapy, Yoga Therapy, Clarity Breathwork, and Yin Yoga. 

Each of their practitioners sets their own hours, so the clinic has no set hours. You are encouraged to view the availability of your preferred partitioner on their booking website. 

Cranky Knot Wellness Centre

Cranky Know Wellness offers massages to alleviate stress, dysfunction, and pain and encourage proper body movement. They aim to empower their patients to take control of their wellness. They offer deep tissue, Swedish Relaxation, therapeutic sports, hot stone, pregnancy massages, personalized life coaching services with Sherry, specialty spa treatments, and acupuncture. 

Urban Healing 

Urban Healing on Fraser Street in Vancouver is a women-owned and operated health collective with several registered massage therapists on site. They provide RMT massages for everything from headaches and back pain to sports injuries, occupational discomfort, and everything in between. They also have several practitioners who can perform pregnant massages. 

This clinic also offers physiotherapy and craniosacral therapy. 

Where to get the best massage in Vancouver

Oceana Massage is open and accepting new clients today. We know that you need to be relaxed to maximize the healing benefits of massage. That’s why our clinic has a soothing vibe to put you in the most relaxed mood possible. 

Choose from our many practitioners to find one with the experience you need. Then, book your next registered massage therapist appointment on our website to view their availability.