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Aside from being uncomfortable, RMT massage can help relieve pain that is affecting your daily life. Whether you don’t have a full range of motion and can’t reach your arms over your head, are suffering from an athletic soft tissue injury, or are looking for a quiet time to rest and rejuvenate, RMT massages can help. 

A Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) provides massage to enhance physical or mental well-being. Through manipulating your body’s soft tissues, your RMT can help you relax, find relief from pain, and experience a wide range of related or interconnected benefits. 

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If you’re new to RMT massages or get them regularly already, we’ll dive into the top benefits of going to an RMT. 

Top 7 benefits for getting an RMT massage

In no particular order, here are the top 7 benefits Oceana Massage clients mention about getting an RMT massage:

1. Pain relief

Pain relief is one of the top-mentioned reasons people start seeing their RMT. Massage can help loosen tight muscles so your body functions better and you can return to regular activities or sports without the pain or discomfort. 

RMT massage is often recommended for desk workers or those with mostly sedentary days, those with active or demanding daily lives, and those suffering from chronic, acute, or sports-related injuries. 

2. Reduction of stress and anxiety

We also see many clients come primarily for help to relieve stress or anxiety through RMT massages. Relaxing on the table during a massage may be the only time in their day when no one bothers them, and they can relax their mind and body. 

While relaxing, your RMT can massage any areas of soreness or tightness and provide general massage to increase circulation and flow of body fluids, which can help improve overall body function and increase your calmness and happiness. 

3. Better sleep quality

Struggling to get a good night’s sleep. Some clients report sleeping better in the nights following their massage. Some even snooze on the massage table (which is ok!). Massage makes your body more relaxed, helping you fall and stay asleep longer. 

4. Boosted immunity

As we head into another cold and flu season, you’re likely looking for ways to boost your immunity. An RMT massage can help! Massage stimulates your lymphatic system, which is responsible for the flow of “good” fluids in your body and waste products. When colds and viruses enter your body, a well-flowing lymphatic system helps flush them out much more effectively than a blocked system. This means the severity and longevity of colds and cases of flu are often reduced with regular massages. 

5. Less frequent headaches

If you suffer from tension headaches, you know how much the pain affects your ability to complete everyday tasks. In addition to calming your mind through massage, your RMT can work on the tense muscles in your back, shoulders, and neck to help you get relief from headaches. The whole body is one interconnected system, so your massage therapist may massage other areas of your body, not just the location of your pain. 

6. Improved flexibility 

When your muscles are tight or sore, your range of motion can suffer. Pushing through this pain to get that full range of motion isn’t usually recommended, but massage can help loosen these muscles and ligaments so you can slowly start gaining back strength and range of motion again. With regular massages and recommended stretching between sessions, you’ll notice increased flexibility as the soft tissues of your joints relax and allow movement again. 

7. Reduced swelling

Have you ever noticed your ankles swell after sitting on a plane or in a car for long periods? Cankles also affect those who are pregnant or overweight. RMT Massages promote the flow of blood and fluids in your body. They can help reduce the severity of swelling or bring down swelling if it’s already occurred. The massage also helps to eliminate any extra fluid buildup in your body so you’re less affected by their build-up (the swelling).  

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BONUS BENEFITS of RMT for pregnant women

Your body goes through so many changes in the nine months of pregnancy. An RMT specializing in pregnancy massage can help you avoid or lessen some more negative changes, such as cankles and lower back pain. And for most healthy pregnancies, massage is safe. Just be sure to let your RMT know if you are pregnant, especially in the first trimester, so they can adjust their techniques to keep you and the baby safe and comfortable. 

It can help you:

  • Relax, which is an important factor in carrying a healthy pregnancy
  • Increase circulation so the baby gets an adequate supply
  • Get a better sleep, which is often otherwise tricky with a growing belly
  • Regulates hormone levels, so you’re less susceptible to mood swings and intense, uncontrollable emotions

You can also see an RMT when trying to conceive (TTC) to help boost your fertility. It promotes relaxation, improves blood flow to your uterus, increases immune function, and enables you to balance hormones better. All of these benefits can help boost your chances of conceiving. 

Where to get a good RMT massage in Vancouver

If you want to experience the benefits of massage therapy for yourself, you have many RMTS to choose from in Vancouver. However, the award-winning team at Oceana Massage has the experience to support you. 

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