Why lymphatic drainage massages are essential for desk workers

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If you’re a desk worker or are predominantly sedentary during the day, you may experience pain. Stretching as often as possible can help relieve the physical discomfort, but a lymphatic drainage massage can help at a deeper level.

In this article, we will talk about lymphatic drainage massage and why it’s essential for desk workers and those with sedentary jobs.

What is lymphatic drainage massage?

Lymphatic drainage massage helps your body better manage fluid buildup and flushing of toxins and waste from your body. Without a properly functioning lymphatic system, you can experience painful swelling from fluid buildup. When it’s clear and functioning optimally, lymphatic fluid travels through your body, picking up harmful particles (such as bacteria). As it passes through your lymph nodes, the white blood cells trap and destroy these toxins.

These massages are done in two stages. The first is to clear any blockages in your lymphatic system. This helps improve the proper flow throughout your body. Through gentle pressure, your massage therapist creates a vacuum that helps flush toxins from blocked areas.

The second is clearing. Your massage therapist will focus their pressure on the area directly under your collar bone, under your arms and inside of your elbows. This is performed on both sides of your body, even if you’re only experiencing swelling on one side.

4 Reasons lymphatic drainage massage is essential for desk workers

As a desk worker, here are a few reasons having regular lymphatic drainage massages can help eliminate pain and discomfort at your desk and throughout your entire day.

Reduces swelling from sedentary activities

Have you ever sat for a long time and noticed your ankles or legs have a build-up of fluid and begin to swell? This is because sitting cuts off optimal circulation in your body. Your lymphatic system struggles to move fluid around your body and will build up in these lower regions.

The best way to prevent this swelling is to ensure you get up to walk around every hour. But, if you are susceptible to ankle, foot, and leg swelling after sitting for long periods, regular lymphatic drainage massage can help ensure no other blockages or impediments are worsening the system.

Relief from carpal tunnel syndrome

Those who sit in front of a computer for long periods often suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome in their hand, wrist, and arms. Carpal tunnel is characterized by excessive pain, numbness, and tingling in your hands and fingers. If you have lymphedema (build-up of lymph fluid) in your arms, you’re more susceptible to carpal tunnel because your circulation is already poor.

Regular lymphatic drainage massage helps remove this increased risk factor. While regular stretching of your fingers, wrist, and arm is essential for desk and computer workers, lymphatic drainage massages can help minimize swelling so your stretches are more effective.

Increase your focus and productivity

You know how hard it is to focus when your tummy is growing for lunch. Likewise, if your body is in pain, you’ll likely find it hard to concentrate on your work. This is because your body is working overtime to correct its bodily systems so that you may have less brain power to focus on your work tasks.

Pain management is a key factor in focus and productivity at work. When your lymphatic system functions properly, your body circulation is optimized and less stressed. This means you can dedicate more brain power to focusing on your tasks.

Increase flexibility

Swelling dramatically reduces the movement and flexibility in that part of your body. This is part of why walking hurts when you have swollen ankles. If you’ve ever had swelling around joints, you know how hard it is to manipulate those joints.

When your lymphatic system is flushing fluids through your body correctly, your swelling will reduce quickly (unless other medical factors are at play), and you’ll soon regain your full range of motion again.

How to support a properly functioning lymphatic system

After having a lymphatic drainage massage, you’ll likely notice reduced swelling shortly after your session. With more severe swelling, you may need to wear a compression sock or sleeve to prevent the fluid buildup from occurring while you optimize your lymphatic system.

In addition to getting regular massages, here are a few other ways desk workers like you can support a properly functioning lymphatic system:

  • Stretch often. Don’t go more than 1-2 hours without getting up from your desk. If you can’t go far from your desk, at least stand up and do some deep stretches at your desk. If you can’t get up from your chair, ask your massage therapist about a few arm and leg stretches you can do while seated.
  • Drink water: While it seems counterintuitive to drink water when trying to remove water from your system, it’s one of the best things you can do at home to reduce lymphatic swelling. When your body is well hydrated, more fluids are available to help flush your system.
  • Eat healthy: Eating healthy gives your body the energy and nutrients needed for bodily functions. Focus on eating a balanced diet of healthy fruits and vegetables as often as possible.
  • Exercise often: Engaging in physical activity is also essential for supporting full-body health. Body movement helps increase blood flow and promotes the flow of your lymphatic system.

Where to get a lymphatic drainage massage in Vancouver

Always ensure that your massage therapist is trained in lymphatic drainage massage. We have therapists at Oceana Massage who specialize in this type of massage therapy. We can help your body feel free again.

We can also provide some tips for relief from lymphedema at home between sessions. For desk workers, we can help you develop a routine or play to increase your movement and activity.

Book a consultation and massage from the Oceana Massage team today, and you’ll take a positive step toward living a healthier life without the pain of fluid buildup and swelling.