7 Benefits of Seeing a Registered Massage Therapist

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Getting a professional massage from a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) has more benefits than you may realize. Some think that seeing a massage therapist is only for reactive care (such as after an injury). In fact, your RMT can provide preventative care too.

Here are just a few of the reasons to see your registered massage therapist for preventative care or injury healing support:

1. Relieves Pain

Many people see a registered massage therapist for pain relief. A therapeutic massage can loosen tight or painful muscles, tendons and joints. An RMT can also help stimulate nerve fibres and stop pain messages to and from the brain.

Massages can be accompanied by heat therapy (to increase circulation and reduce stiffness) or cold therapy (to reduce inflammation). It is also commonly recommended for use alongside other complementary treatments for pain relief, including acupuncture and nutritional changes.


2. Improves sleep

Many people feel sleepy after a message because a good massage can help ease your mind and body. This can help improve your sleep quality or duration. Massages help increase your body’s serotonin production (the neurotransmitter your brain needs to produce melatonin – the sleep hormone). It’s also possible that quality massage can increase your delta brain waves (the brain waves that appear in your deepest periods of sleep).

If you’re looking for support to get better sleep, ask your massage therapist about the following:

  • Trigger point massage to release muscles on specific sore areas
  • Deep tissue massage to release pain and promote relaxation in your deeper muscles
  • Swedish massage to help your body to relax

3. Boosts your immune system

Massages can also keep you healthier by boosting your immune system. They support your healthy immunity in five ways:

  1. Increasing circulation and lymphatic flow so nutrients can flow more freely through your body and metabolic waste can be filtered out.
  2. Increasing lymphocytes so your body can better fight off harmful substances.
  3. Reducing cortisol (the stress hormone) in your body.
  4. Reducing pain so your body can divert its energy to fighting off illnesses.
  5. Supporting mental wellness, as a healthy mind is better able to support a healthy body.

Regular massages from your Registered Massage Therapist is just one part of boosting your immunity. You can also support a healthy immune system by eating healthy, getting good quality sleep, avoiding drugs and alcohol, and being mindful of your mental well-being.


4. Clears toxins from your body

Massage therapy promotes a well-functioning body. When our body is functioning correctly, we can better expel toxins we are exposed to through the environment and as a result of natural body functions. If these toxins build up, you may experience serious health issues.

To support your body’s natural ability to eliminate toxins, massage can help. Through massages, your blood circulation increases, increasing your body’s temperature and allowing warmer blood to reach areas of infection or injury. Systemic lymph massage can also increase blood flow in and out of your liver, so it’s better equipped to flush toxins.


5. Reduces swelling

Swelling is caused by inflammation or build-up of fluid. Massages can help reduce swelling by supporting whole-body circulation to promote the flushing of fluid buildup around the affected area. Some swelling is actually beneficial as it means healing is happening. However, longer-term swelling (longer than 2-3 weeks) may indicate a more chronic issue and your doctor or massage therapist may be needed.

A massage therapist may perform a lymphatic drainage massage to improve the movement of lymph fluid build-up in your body. This will often reduce the swelling. They may also massage areas not directly affected by the swelling to make room for the fluids to distribute back through your body.


6. Relieves headaches

Those suffering from migraine, tension, or other severe headaches can use massage as an alternative to pain medications. In addition to providing full-body relaxation, which helps reduce tension in your body, a registered massage therapist can perform trigger point massage on your neck and head. Patients often find chronic headaches ease when you can calm the muscles in these areas.

Reflexology massage can also help you find relief from headaches. Massaging specific points on your feet can promote healing in another area of your body. It’s a calming therapeutic practice to support overall relaxation, better sleep, lower stress, and decreased pain, which can reduce headaches or their severity.


7. Soothes anxiety and headaches

Massages are known to put the patient in a deep state of relaxation, both physically and mentally. This can have tremendous benefits for your mental well-being and can help you reduce symptoms of anxiety or depression. It’s a great way to shut off the stresses of the outside world and focus on your mind-body connection.

To make the experience even more relaxing, tell your massage therapist you don’t want to chat during your session. You can also request a specific type of music or bring your own. They can also recommend essential oils to help promote maximum calm and relaxation during your massage session.


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