The perfect gift for soon-to-be mama’s

Do you know someone who’s expecting a baby in the next 6 months or less? Because I’ve got the perfect gift idea for you: a prenatal massage!

See, Mama’s body changes a lot when she’s pregnant, and those changes can take a toll:

Her centre of gravity changes.

She gets heartburn.

Her hips and back start hurting.

She gets neck and shoulder stiffness from sleeping on her side.

It’s a rough 9 months. But if Mama’s body is relaxed, she’ll go through pregnancy and the birthing process a lot easier.

She’ll sleep better, have lower blood pressure, and even have a shorter, less painful delivery.

Studies have also shown that once the baby comes out, if Mama’s had regular massages during her pregnancy, she’ll have less chance of postpartum depression.

Plus, the baby will have less risk of complications, and is also likely to cry less!

(Which means more sleep for Mama.)

So, if you’re feeling generous…

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Susan, Kash, Jessica, Mattias & Eleanor