How often should you get a massage?

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How often should you get a massage?

Most people come in for a massage when they’re in some kind of pain…

Stiff neck.

Sore shoulders

Tight glutes causing low back pain.

They book a treatment to fix the pain and then they go back to their old habits… only to come back a month later because the pain has returned.

So to them, a massage is like a band-aid. They never quite solve their problem, they just mask the symptoms temporarily.

But then there are the clients who come in when they feel fine.

To them, massage is like a vitamin. They’re almost never in pain because they address problems before they become painful.

But there’s one other big difference as well.

Both groups will claim to feel “normal” most of the time… but what’s normal for the first group is very different to what’s “normal” for the second group.

If your body is stiff all the time — because you sit at a desk all day, or you train hard, or you’re carrying a baby inside you — that stiffness and mild soreness become your new normal. To the point where you completely forget what it felt like to be loose and relaxed.

So, if you feel fine today… this might be the perfect time to book your next treatment. Before the pain comes.

Let us show you how much more mobility you can have. How much better you can feel. Let us give you a new and better “normal.”

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About the Author:

A certified and gifted body-worker, Susan practices holistic massage. She has been practicing in the health and wellness industry for 10 years in Massage, Prenatal Care, Sports Massage, Reflexology, Lymphatic Drainage, and Aromatherapy. Susan is passionate about alternative health and the healing arts. She believes that the benefits of natural healing work alongside traditional scientific approaches. Drawing from her expertise in several modalities, Thermotherapy, Aromatherapy, Joint Release Movements, Shiatsu and Swedish Massage, Susan provides an intuitive, comforting and customized treatment with each massage. Her sessions not only stimulate the muscles and lymphatic system, but also create positive effects to the heart and mind that last long after the treatments are over.
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