I hope this doesn’t sound hokey

I wanted to share a story with you.
When I was in massage school and getting lots of treatments, I remember feeling strangely different.
I don’t want to sound “hokey,” but I felt like getting regular treatments did something to me not just physically, but psychologically as well… and I’ve been thinking about this lately thanks to a recent client.
This client came in for a treatment almost every day for 3 weeks, and she said something that reminded me of how I’d felt back then.
She said, “I feel lighter.”

Now, let’s get one thing straight. I’m a science person. I like things to be analysed and I want to know facts.
But the fact was that she also looked different. She had more colour. Her mood was different. She was visibly happier.
And I think the reason why we both experienced the same effect is this…
We’re all used to ​giving​ to the people around us, right? But we’re not used to ​receiving​ that much.
We all happily spend our paychecks on our kids, or our partners, or “necessities,” but we don’t spend that much on ourselves.
And I think that takes its toll over time.

I think we need to know how to ​receive​ as well to be at our best.
So go ahead and treat yourself.