How to get the best massage you’ve ever had

Before you book your next massage, I wanted to share a quick tip with you that not many people know:
Getting a massage is a skill. It’s something you can get better at.
Let me tell you how.

As a therapist, my clients always fall into one of two categories: those who tell me what they like or don’t like, and those who just grin and bear it.
For instance, I’ll often see goosebumps on their skin and realise that they got cold and didn’t tell me!
And I get it, the therapist is the expert so you want to surrender to their expertise, but here’s the thing. We’re experts at healing your body… but ​you’re​ the expert on how you feel.

So, to get the best massage you’ve ever had, try making it a little more interactive than you have in the past.
Tell your therapist if…
You’re too hot, or too cold. Or it’s too soft, or too firm.
If we’re talking too much, or you’d like to talk more. If you want music, or no music.
If you want less focus on a certain area, or more of a certain technique.

We’ll fix your knots either way, but you also play a part in how relaxing it is and how good it feels.
We won’t be offended. We love it when clients speak up 🙂

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PS. Another good tip is to always arrive 10 minutes before your time slot so you can fully relax beforehand.