Wow! Oceana Massage is a Vancouver Courier Star!

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Wow! Oceana Massage is a Vancouver Courier Star!

Every year, one of my favourite traditions is to see who won the Stars of Vancouver awards in the Vancouver Courier newspaper. I skim through the list and see how many winning businesses I have visited. So you can imagine how thrilled I was to learn that Oceana Massage made the list in 2016! We were voted top in Health & Wellness West.

If you voted for Oceana Massage in the Stars of Vancouver awards, thank you so much for your support. Although I’ve been practicing holistic massage for more than 12 years, I always consider myself a student and continue to educate myself on massage techniques and training as well as the body mind connection.

The best part of winning this local award is that Vancouver is my home and where my heart is. And winners are chosen by locals who have high standards of quality. The Stars of Vancouver features everyone from bloggers to mascots, cocktails to coffee shops and a variety of health and wellness services. When you walk around the city, you can spot the winning businesses by the Star of Vancouver logo displayed on their windows.

Another way that I know we are doing well is when I see the wonderful testimonials our clients leave on my website or on Google places. It is such a wonderful validation that my team and I are making you feel better. And if you’re like me, you’ll make your own list of Star businesses to try out on the list that you haven’t visited yet.

Want to see the full list of Vancouver Stars?  Click here.

About the Author:

A certified and gifted body-worker, Susan practices holistic massage. She has been practicing in the health and wellness industry for 10 years in Massage, Prenatal Care, Sports Massage, Reflexology, Lymphatic Drainage, and Aromatherapy. Susan is passionate about alternative health and the healing arts. She believes that the benefits of natural healing work alongside traditional scientific approaches. Drawing from her expertise in several modalities, Thermotherapy, Aromatherapy, Joint Release Movements, Shiatsu and Swedish Massage, Susan provides an intuitive, comforting and customized treatment with each massage. Her sessions not only stimulate the muscles and lymphatic system, but also create positive effects to the heart and mind that last long after the treatments are over.
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