What is your post massage ritual? And yes, you should have one.

You’ve come in for your massage and made sure to be hydrated and early to make the most of your massage session. But when you leave, it’s just as important to have a post-massage ritual so that your body and mind continue to reap the benefits of your session.

Don’t rush out
When I finish a massage, I always encourage my clients to take a few minutes before they come out of the room. A massage can make you feel disoriented when you sit up and it can take time to adjust.

Sit up slowly and take stock of how you are feeling, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Be present and take some deep breaths. Then take your time getting dressed.

Drink more water
Trust me… I don’t have shares in bottled water. I just can’t say enough good things about how important it is to drink water and stay hydrated. This doesn’t mean have a large coffee or caffeinated tea. Just drink a fresh glass of water. It will help your body flush any accumulated materials in your muscles.

This is especially important after a deep tissue massage or manual lymphatic drainage massage because your muscles and lymph system need the water to help flush out toxins.

Take a nap… or a bath
In case you need a good reason to take a nap or a soothing bath, the best time is after a massage. Isn’t that wonderful?

After a massage, you should rest so you don’t lose out on the lasting effects of your session. Take some quiet time for yourself, whether you read a book, visit your favourite bookstore, sit in the garden or yes, stretch out and enjoy a catnap.

I also highly recommend taking a relaxing soak in the tub. Make sure to stir in Epsom salts. These will help to relieve stress and tension and relax those muscles. And of course it will ease your stress levels, which manifest in those tight muscles. Soak up some relief.

Welcome your feelings
Now that you are relaxed, think about how you are feeling. We don’t often stop and really stay present. We are usually too busy. I think it is so important to let your mind wander and enjoy the kick of the feel good hormone oxytocin that is released during a massage. You may feel elated, or need to release with a good cry.

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