Why we gain weight at the worst of times

Have you noticed that when you are under more stress, you tend to gain weight? It sneaks up on you and trust me, it’s normal. We‘ve all been there. That’s because our bodies are made that way. While we make certain bad decisions during stressful times, it may help to understand why you sleep less and crave more comfort food. There are reasons we gain weight under stress, and ways to help cope, including my favorite, a manual lymphatic massage.

Stress is a sneaky thing. It can be related to your unrelenting schedule or endless to-do list between home, relationships, work and family and friends. It can be a major project at work. Or a pile of bills or unexpected expenses. It is only natural that our bodies seek out some sort of escape from the constant pressure we may be feeling. One of these reactions is the urge to snack.

If you find yourself craving bad food or mindlessly snacking on chips or chocolate, you can thank stress. It increases our appetites, makes our bodies hang on to that fat and actually messes with our will power. How sneaky is that?

When stress increases, our brains feel threatened and react with a flight or fight response thanks to the release of adrenaline and other hormones. This adrenaline rush tells your body it better stock up on some energy food right away. And then the cortisol hormone hangs around and tells your body it needs to re-supply with food. No wonder it is so hard to resist this double urge to snack!

When we are under stress for long periods – and who isn’t? – we develop an extra layer of visceral fat in our bellies. This is a tough one to get rid of. And it is really not good for us; it has been linked to heart disease and diabetes.

The best way to deal with stress, other than going into denial, is to give yourself a break. Any small escape from the stressful circumstances will act like a magical mirage and give your body a chance to stop the cycle for just a little while. This can be done with meditation or exercise. And of course, my favorite. A special type of massage to reduce cellulite and help you lose weight as well as relax. It is called Manual Lymphatic Drainage massage.

This very gentle form of massage is proven to people lose weight by reducing unhealthy toxins and fluids. I have noticed some amazing results in my clients’ arms and legs. And the relaxed environment and soothing technique helps to calm stressed nerves. Feeling stressed and craving comfort food? I can help.