Solace from stress… regular massage!

When my client, a busy professional told me about the schedule she juggles, I was not surprised she had regular pain in her neck and shoulders… even though she is doing everything “right.”

As a busy architect, she deals with a high level of job stress and a 60-hour workweek. She also juggles a family and every other week, flies to the island to take care of her mum. She also finds time to exercise a few times a week for stress relief.  And in between, she comes to me for a regular massage twice a month… she swears it is essential to help her manage her busy life. And she is not alone.

Regular massage has been shown to help reduce stress, especially if you need to combine it with counselling. Research finds a significant positive impact in this combination, which is linked to the mind-body connection. When you manage your physical symptoms, it can help you make healthier mental and emotional choices as well. That is because regular massage therapy sessions provide an ongoing release of your stress hormone, cortisol.

Stress shows up in your body through a variety of symptoms that raise your cortisol levels, and massage therapy can lower your cortisol levels. This means you experience almost instantaneous stress relief. And that is why it is so important to maintain a regular massage schedule if you have a very stressful life and schedule, just like my client.

Do you need regular massage sessions? If you have insomnia, anxiety, headaches, stiffness in your neck and shoulders, you would be a good candidate. For clients with a peaceful, balanced lifestyle, I recommend coming in every couple of months. And for clients who work more than 30 hours a week, don’t exercise often, eat a balanced diet or drink enough water, then I recommend coming for a regular stress massage every 3-4 weeks.

Regular massage is not just great for dealing with your ongoing stress, it is also very helpful for preventative measures too. Look at your schedule and ask yourself if regular massage is for you. And as for me, yes I even get regular massages too!