Let’s rest and relax!

You know how these cooler days and darker mornings make it harder to get up in the morning? It’s not just because of the winter weather, it’s your body telling you it needs more time to rest. Lately my body has been telling me, “Susan. Take it easy. Relax!”

So that is what I am planning to do during the Christmas holidays. I am going to stop working and start relaxing. I am taking two glorious weeks off to relax and rejuvenate with family and friends so I can come back rested and ready for 2015.

I think we can all benefit from taking a break from our daily routines and taking care of our physical and emotional needs, don’t you? Although we take weekends off they are often full of things to do and not really spent just taking stock of our breathing, and letting our minds wander.

When I relax, I also take time to meditate and reflect on my body and give it the attention it deserves through breathing and visualizing myself in a tranquil place. It is much like how many of my clients feel during a massage.

Massage is very good to get you into the relaxed state of mind for the short term as a break during a busy day. I combine Swedish massage, light-touch massage, therapeutic deep tissue massage and even stretching of muscles and joints to address the issues my client needs.

The goal of your session is to improve your well-being not only during therapy but after you leave. This means that we might go a bit deeper than typical treatments will (with your permission of course), leaving you feeling not only more relaxed than you ever have, but also rejuvenated (a little like you’ve had a great workout).

What a great gift idea for your loved one. Just go online and order a gift certificate for a 60-minute, 75-minute or 90-minute massage. It’s the gift of relaxation that anyone would love!