Postnatal massage to help new moms heal

Are you a new mom? It is such an exciting and wonderful time as you get to know your new baby. But it may not be a good time for your body. Childbirth is a very intense experience that literally changes your body. It’s no wonder you feel exhausted. You need to care for your baby… but how hard is it when you are struggling to care for yourself?

Most of my clients know I specialize in prenatal massage, but I also help new moms with postnatal massage therapy. Recently, one of my new moms came to me for help. She was exhausted and could barely feed her baby or herself and was still in pain from an emergency c-section. And her husband felt helpless… it was time for a relaxing, healing, rejuvenating post natal massage.

Childbirth puts a strain on many areas of your body, from your abdomen, lower back, hips and upper back from breast feeding. A post natal massage can help new moms in many ways:

  • Increase blood flow and oxygen to your muscles to release toxins
  • Reduce cramps, aches and muscle spasms
  • Tone and tighten your stretched tummy
  • Cope with stress and baby blues better by helping boost your mood

I am happy to tell you that my exhausted new mom went home feeling happier and rejuvenated after our session. She is still dealing with some issues but can handle them better now.

Being a new mom will keep you very busy but remember it is so important to take care of yourself and honour your body with some kindness, especially after all it has just gone through.

Ask for a sitter or someone to take care of your baby for an hour or so and then get a relaxing, rejuvenating post natal massage!