Treat Moms and Moms-to-be to a Mother’s Day Massage

Who is a special woman in your life that deserves to be treated to an afternoon of relaxation and healing massage? Is it your own mother, an expecting mom-to-be or a woman who is like a mother to you? We all need to be nurtured and no one does it like a mother. So what better gift to give that lovely lady then a Mother’s Day relaxation massage?

Massage therapy has been used by people of all ages for its health and relaxation benefits around the world. It even dates back thousands of years and can be found mentioned in writings from ancient Greece, Egypt, India, Japan, China and Rome. Europeans popularized massage therapy during the Renaissance and then in the 1850s two American physicians who had studied the practice in Sweden introduced it to North America.

Today, Vancouver massage therapy is much more than a relaxing experience… although that is one of the most immediate benefits that people enjoy the most!

At Oceana Massage, we talk to each client to find out what health and stress issues they are dealing with and then create a custom massage. We use a variety of techniques from Eastern and Western culture including Deep Flow, Cross-Fibre, Tragger, Swedish, Shiatsu and Reflexology.

Just like no mother or mom-to-be is the same, no massage is the same either. Treat the special woman or women in your life to a healing and relaxing specialty massage. Call us for a gift certificate today and make her Mother’s day extra special!