The tools I use for better massage treatments: essential oils

We all use “tools” in our daily work and I have talked about a few different tools, like a Biomat or thermotherapy (heat) and sandbags, that are modern tools for massage therapists. But one of the most common things people think about when they get a massage is the aromatic, essential oils that is massaged into their skin.

Can you imagine a massage without oil? Doesn’t sound very relaxing does it?

Essential oils are more than just a way to provide a smooth massage experience; they are also used to help many different ailments and conditions.

What are essential oils?

They are all around us in nature. These precious oils are extracted from various parts of plants, which can be from a blossom, or fruit and even the leaves or bark. These different parts of a plant sometimes contain various essential oils and are also known for their distinct aroma. There are hundreds of types of essential oils in my ‘toolbox.’

The four essential oils I use the most during a massage offer a variety of healing properties. These are rosemary, lavender, eucalyptus and peppermint or a blend of these. They help treat aches and pains, migraines, fatigue, inflammation, stimulate healing and relaxation as well as have anti-inflammatory benefits. That is why I always ask how you are feeling before a treatment, so I know exactly which essential oils will help you the most.