Sharing my 10-year massage milestone with you!

There is nothing I enjoy more than lifting a glass to celebrate events and milestones with friends and loved ones. These moments are the highs in our lives that are so gratifying that we work so hard to achieve. That’s why I am very happy to share my own milestone with you. On April 4th, I celebrate my 10 year anniversary doing massage!

Where has the time gone? These days, it is hard as an entrepreneur to last more than 1-2 years and looking back, it has not always been easy. I have learned so much about business and more importantly, about myself.  I have stayed true to my dream and networked and week- by-week, year-by-year my business has grown.

Learning is a lifelong passion of mine and in ten years I have attended four dozen massage courses and classes, studied 12 different body health modalities… and performed more than 8,000 massages!

Getting the word out is a large part of my success. I use my website and social media to connect with clients and share my passion for healthy living. And I have you to thank as well. One of the best ways my business has succeeded is through the word-of-mouth references from clients like you who have left more than 300 positive reviews on Yelp and Google and testimonials on my website.

These days, there is a 3-week waiting list for a massage. If you don’t want to miss out, you can book regular monthly or bimonthly massages like other clients. I want to thank you for your support and business for all these years. And I want to let you know I love giving massages as much now as I did ten years ago. Thank you!!