How a Sports Massage can take you to your “A” game

If you like to work out or are active in sports, you’re aware of the strengths (and weaknesses) of your body. But how often do you overdo it or wake up the next day feeling the aches and pains from your physical activities? Many of us think of this as a “good pain” but your body may disagree.

When you have overused certain muscles, it results in those familiar aches, stiffness and inflammation. And are you an athlete struggling to improve your performance or feel you’re stuck at a plateau? Sports massage is not just a way to soothe aching muscles and tissue, it can actually help you perform better by improving your mental focus and physical stamina.

Unlike a regular massage, a Vancouver sports massage can increase your flexibility and improve blood flow to your muscles. At Oceana Massage, we focus on a variety of massage techniques to focus on the muscle groups that are affecting you and your performance. We specialize in sports massage to help flush the lactic acid from your body and restore your blood flow and mobility to injured muscle tissue. After your massage you can feel more limber and flexible and when you’re feeling good, you’ll be able to focus better on your game.

Whether you’re a runner training for the marathon, playing hockey every weekend, hitting the golf links or a professional athlete, a regular sports massage should be part of your schedule and a necessity instead of a treat. Because when you get a sports massage on a regular basis, it not only treats injuries it can even prevent the chance of new injuries by helping to improve your flexibility and decrease tightness and even help you take your game to the next level.

Visit Oceana Massage whether you are an occasional fitness lover or a hardcore gym rat. The more regular your fitness schedule the more regular your sports massage schedule should also be to soothe aches, prevent injury and make the most of your training routine. We’ll first meet with you to find out what kind of activities you do and areas you’d like us to focus on as well as your fitness goals. Then we’ll make sure to design a sports massage session and schedule to help you.

Call us today to book your first session and bring on your “A” game!