Its the day of love, Happy Valentine’s Day!

Some people say that Valentine’s Day is too commercial — and maybe it is. But as the 14th of February rolls around I always get nostalgic. I think about when I was a child and the kids in my class shared Valentine’s cards with each other. We all collected them and read and re-read the cute and sweet messages to each other. It was so innocent. I am also a hopeless romantic but think that the day of love is not just for lovers. It’s for loved ones.

The heart has many ways to love. Friendly love. Family love. Parental love. And of course romantic love. They may be different but the one thing all these types of loves share is they come from the same place. Our hearts. And when we open our hearts and give love, we get it back even more.

I think we should make Valentine’s Day whatever we want it to be. Whether I share sweet cards with friends and important people in my life to enjoying a romantic evening cuddled up with my partner, love is the bottom line on this special day.

This is such a nice day of the year to think about all those people who are special to us and that we love in a different way. Why not share a sweet message with them this Valentine’s Day? It is a far greater and sweeter gift than a box of chocolates (although I would never turn down one of those!).

Wishing you all a sweet and special Valentine’s Day this year!