Talk it Out for Deep Relief

Talk it Out for Deep Relief

Recently I talked about how silence can be golden during a massage treatment. This quiet experience gives people a chance to turn off the noise and be fully present on the physical sensations during their session. Today I want to talk about talking. And how it can also have a healthy impact on your massage.

When you come in for your massage, I will always ask what you are feeling physically and what kind of stresses you may be experiencing. This is so I can focus on specific areas of your body to help release the tension. Sometimes talking during your session can help release tension as well. I don’t mean  complaining about your boss or getting stuck in traffic.

It is more helpful for me — and more effective for you — when you tell me about how stress is affecting your body.

Are you having trouble sleeping? Do you have tension in your neck or shoulders? Are you impatient or not quite yourself? These are many ways that the body manifests stress. During your massage session, it is very helpful for me to know how your body is processing whatever is on your mind. This is one way you and I can work together to make the most out of your treatment.

Talking also helps you to become more aware of your body and when it is signalling you that it is stressed. After your session it is good for you to be aware of these signals and recognise the signs that stress is affecting you in a negative way. The next time your body is telling you something, then it may be time to share the message with me during your next massage.