How Prenatal Massage Eased Andrea’s Body and Mind

How Prenatal Massage Eased Andrea’s Body and Mind

These days there is a big focus on the fashion of pregnancy and how to dress well with a growing baby bump. But for women like Andrea, there is less of a focus on how to deal with stress or the discomfort of their changing bodies.

The reality is that pregnancy is a stressful time for your body as it goes through many changes and your baby grows more each month. These changes are visible on the outside as your clothes don’t fit anymore, but many changes go on inside your body and put stress on your hormones, joints, circulation and internal organs. A regular visit to a Vancouver prenatal massage therapist can do wonders to ease your stress and make the journey to motherhood more comfortable.

“A massage from Susan Polano is the best gift that any pregnant gal can ever give herself…scheduling one every two weeks during your whole pregnancy is even better, and that is exactly what I did! Being pregnant (and all that comes with it) can be hard not only on you physically but also on you mentally. Susan not only relieves all your body tension but also provides a peaceful oasis to calm your nerves and ease your mind. There is just something about Susan; she is knowledgeable, genuine, relaxing, reassuring and is always available to give lots of great advice!” says Andrea C.

Susan Polano, owner of Oceana Massage, has specialized in prenatal massage therapy for ten years and incorporates a variety of massage disciplines such as Swedish, Shiatsu, and Reflexology. Prenatal massage can improve your circulation and alleviate swollen legs, feet and hands as well as ease joint strain, relieve muscle spasms, improve body tone, and reduce mental and physical stress.

Prenatal massage has been proven to reduce stress hormones in the body, according to a study by Dr. Tiffany Field of the University of Miami School of Medicine. The study showed that in every case, a pregnant woman’s body is challenged, changed and stressed during the pregnancy. Results showed that touch is vital to a mother’s physical and emotional well-being as she adapts to her new body image. And prenatal massage is a comforting experience that can nurture the new life growing within her.

“I would highly recommend treating yourself to a regularly scheduled massage with Susan during your pregnancy. Believe me it will make a world of difference to your journey and will be something you really look forward to every other week,” adds Andrea who can’t wait for her first post-natal massage.

Call Oceana Massage today for a healthy, holistic prenatal massage and ease your body and mind. You’ll leave feeling relaxed, grounded, relieved of your stress and buoyed with energy all at the same time. And when you feel good, your baby will feel good too.