How regular prenatal massage works for you and your baby

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Whether it’s your first or third baby, or your first or third trimester, each pregnancy is different and can affect how you feel as the baby’s due date gets closer. A Vancouver prenatal massage is more than relaxing; getting a regular blend of Swedish, Shiatsu, and Reflexology treatments can ease you through each stage of your pregnancy and prepare you and baby for the delivery.

Susan Polano has specialized in making moms-to-be feel better with prenatal massage for eight years. She combines therapeutic bodywork treatments to ease you through each stage of pregnancy. During each trimester, you’ll experience dramatic physical changes. Prenatal massage improves circulation to reduce swelling in legs, feet and hands. It also alleviates strain on weight bearing joins, eases muscle spasms, improves general body tone, and relieves mental and physical fatigue.

Susan’s client Jamie shares her thoughts about getting regular prenatal massage throughout her pregnancy: “Your unobtrusive touch and professionalism makes it a great experience each and every time I have a visit. And I cannot say enough about the help you do in improving my circulation while so many other pregnant women I talk to have something to say about the back pains and tightness they get while being pregnant.  For me, these massages have reduced the stress of pregnancy and relieved the discomfort of pain associated in the lower back, neck, hips, and legs. 


I would definitely suggest to all pregnant women get at least two massages a month to help the body adjust to the changes and comfort you through the experience of being an expectant mother. Since I started at week 23 into my pregnancy, my body feels great being 36 weeks pregnant and I truly believe it’s from getting prenatal massages from Susan.  Keep doing a terrific job!”  Thanks, Jamie


Clients like Jamie tell us how they feel relaxed, grounded, and full of energy all after a prenatal massage from Susan Polano. And when you are feeling good, that translates to your baby so he or she will feel good.

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