What is the difference between an RMT and a CMT?

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What is the difference between an RMT and a CMT?

One of the first questions people ask when they visit a Vancouver massage clinic is if the clinicians are Registered Massage Therapists (RMTs). The reason people ask is because this is the type of massage therapy covered by their health insurance.

Ironically an RMT may not even be the best solution to help soothe their aches and pains… or even address the cause of the aches and pains.

An RMT mandate is to “fix” issues from Worker’s Compensation or car accident claims. Their focus is mostly on the physical body. Meanwhile, a Certified Massage Therapist (CMT) focuses on a wide range of prevention techniques to address the reasons you are experiencing aches and pains. This means a thorough analysis of your diet, sleep, stress and more and using a combination of holistic methods that focus on the mind-body connection.

Since 2004, Susan Polano has been a massage therapist with a holistic approach to help people experience a healthier and more fulfilling life through better health. She practices a variety of massage techniques and specialized treatments including:

  • classic massage
  • Prenatal care
  • Sports massage
  • Reflexology
  • Lymphatic Drainage Massage (LDM)
  • Aromatherapy

Susan Polano has dedicated herself to continuous learning and treats each client according to their exact needs. Her expert hands soothe and stimulate muscles and tissue by using a variety of modalities such as thermotherapy, aromatherapy, joint release movements, shiatsu and Swedish massage.

The mandate of a CMT is to focus on your overall health and restore and rejuvenate, as opposed to manipulating based on one area or injury. It is a total health perspective that Oceana Massage regular clients can all attest to and the reason they highly recommend Susan Polano for her healing hands and warm heart. Call Oceana Massage today for a healthy, holistic massage.

About the Author:

A certified and gifted body-worker, Susan practices holistic massage. She has been practicing in the health and wellness industry for 15 years in Classic Deep Tissue Massage, Prenatal Massage, and Lymphatic Drainage. Susan is passionate about alternative health and the healing arts. She believes that the benefits of natural healing work alongside traditional scientific approaches. Drawing from her expertise in several modalities, Susan provides an intuitive, comforting and customized treatment with each massage. Her sessions not only stimulates the muscles and lymphatic system, but also create positive effects to the heart and mind that last long after the treatments are over.
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