Goldilocks and the three massages: All therapeutic massages are not created equal

Not all massages are the same. Naturally, massages differ depending on the kind of treatment you request. But just as importantly massages can feel very different depending on who is providing the massage and where you get it done.

Let’s follow Goldilocks as she searches for the perfect massage:

Goldilocks has been looking forward to her massage after a stressful week at work. She arrives at her appointment on time. The massage therapist is running late so Goldilocks lies alone in the cold and sparse room. Car alarms and horns go off outside. Goldilocks feels her neck getting stiff and her jaw clenches. The massage therapist comes in and complains about her boyfriend, the weather, and her annoying neighbour the entire time. Her massage feels fine but Goldilocks never goes back. It was too loud, she thinks.

The next week, Goldilocks misses a deadline and accidentally deletes an important report. She books an appointment at a modern new massage clinic. This time, she is shown right into the room, which is painted bright green and white, and lies on the bed. The room is chilly and she feels goosebumps on her skin. Goldilocks pulls the thin sheet over her body. When the massage therapist comes in, Goldilocks is shivering. But the massage therapist uses cool oil and her hands feel rough. Goldilocks counts the seconds until she can go home to a hot bath. It was too cold and rough, she thinks.

That week, Goldilocks sleeps through her alarm and misses a board meeting. Then she books her boss on the wrong flight. After her final warning before losing her job, she calls Oceana Massage. Two of Goldilocks’ friends recommended Susan Polano at Oceana Massage. Goldilocks is welcomed with a warm smile and shown into the dimly lit, quiet and warm room. Soft sounds of nature come from hidden speakers and a soothing scent of vanilla fills the air. Goldilocks inhales deeply and

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Bowls of too hot, too cold and just right porridge.
Bowls of too hot, too cold and just right porridge.

feels her stress start to slide away.

Goldilocks lies on the bed and hears the gentle thrum of a gong and feels a mist spray over her. Then Susan places a warm blanket over her legs and feet as Goldilocks melts into the luxurious sheet on the bed. Susan quietly massages Goldilocks’ tense neck, her soft fingers coax out all the knots and massage warm essential oils into her skin. The hour passes quickly as Goldilocks feels all of her worries float away. This massage is just right, she thinks.

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