Please don’t treat your friends to Hot Stone Therapy this Christmas

If you want to keep your closest friend, don’t give her a hot stone massage as a gift. You know how awkward it is when one of you overindulges and the other doesn’t? Picture it.

You give a fantastically relaxing hot stone massage gift certificate to your best friend during the most stressful time of the year. After she experiences the sensation of hot stones placed like tiny little heating pads on all her tense pressure points and a wonderfully relaxing aromatherapy massage, she will be amazed by your thoughtfulness. This is when it will get weird.

She just won’t be able to get you a gift that even comes close to being as awesome. So you’ll be sitting there clutching the movie night basket she gave you and there is your bff… draped over a chair like her bones have melted and wearing a really self-satisfied smile. How annoying is that?

Just when you think it can’t get any worse, she starts going on and on and on about it. “It was heaven! The little stones completely relaxed me from my head to my feet…. blah, blah, feel so rejuvenated and relaxed… blah, blah…haven’t slept this great in years… my aching muscles have relaxed… blah, blah, even can sit through Christmas dinner with the in-laws without grinding my teeth.”

“Fantastic!” you say. Then you slink home and mope. And as the resentment builds you get an email from your bestie. “Surprise! I booked us a double Hot Stone Massage at Oceana Massage next week!”

Now you remember why you love her so much.

So unless you have a fabulous best friend or someone who owes you a favour, please don’t just give anyone an Oceana Massage Hot Stone Massage treatment this Christmas.