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Aromatherapy & Pregnancy

There are some divided ideas on the dangers of certain essential oils used in aromatherapy during pregnancy, but since this time should be a time to enjoy and to prepare for the upcoming birth of your child, it would be wise to rather give some essentials oils a miss.

Aromatherapy can be a great benefit during pregnancy and assists in minimizing some of the discomfort and aches.

There are however some compounds in certain essential oils that have hormone-like behaviour because of their molecular structure and although there is no conclusive evidence on the effect of estrogenic oils it would be prudent to avoid anethole rich oils, like fennel and aniseed during pregnancy.

This list has been compiled with oils that are recommended to be avoided in pregnancy.

Almond – bitter Aniseed

Angelica Root Basil

Birch Black pepper

Camphor Caraway

Cedarwood Cypress

Chamomile* Cinnamon

Clary sage Clove

Eucalyptus Fennel

Fir Geranium

Ginger Hyssop

Jasmine** Juniper

Lavender* Lemon

Lemon grass Marjoram

Melissa Myrrh

Nutmeg Oregano

Pennyroyal Peppermint

Pine Rose*

Rosemary Sage

Stinging nettle Tansy

Thyme Yarrow*


Chamomile, lavender & rose may be used in low doses in last trimester. ** Jasmine can be used during delivery, as it will ease labour.

Thanks Deb Drummond for information in this article.

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