Being in sunshine is good for the soul and good for the body. Sometimes, it’s a concern.

You won’t get cancer from being in the sun – in fact, the sun helps your body make Vitamin D, which protects you from cancer. You should, however, protect yourself from burning and we all know to stay out of the sun in peak hours. There is a lot of controversy over tanning and sunscreens.

Sunscreens are often touted as a defense against cancer but in fact may contribute to it. Some chemicals in sunscreen are carcinogenic or toxic. There are new lines of sun products are coming out – one that I like (recommended by Brenda Eastwood, RNCP) is called Miessence Skin Care Line. This is a new, non-toxic sunscreen that won’t lead to cancer. As well, there are a couple of new lines of clothing specially designed for surfers that protect you against the sun.