Prenatal Massage – How to shake the third trimester body blues

Prenatal Massage – How to shake the third trimester body blues

Now that you’re in the third trimester of your pregnancy, the realities of having a baby can seem more real than ever. Your belly is getting bigger, your baby (or babies) are moving and pushing on your bladder, your ankles are swollen, and sleep is getting harder and harder. Everyone thinks you’re glowing and beautiful but privately, you’re dealing with many physical and emotional discomforts.

It’s time to think about treating yourself to a prenatal Vancouver massage. We specialize in making moms-to-be relax and feel good, even if you have to take a bathroom break during the massage. We understand.

Prenatal massage is different than regular massages. We specialize in this wonderful form of massage to improve your circulation and reduce swelling in your legs, hands and feet. We know exactly how to soothe your aching muscles and joints now that the added weight is straining your body.

A study has shown that prenatal massage benefits moms and babies by reducing stress hormones. Being touched nurtures moms and that sense of calm and pleasure is shared with your baby. Our prenatal massage clients rave about our services, and often schedule ongoing sessions to help them relax as their bodies go through more and more changes as the due dates draw near.

We use a combination of Swedish, Shiatsu massage and Reflexology techniques. Reflexology will soothe you as we apply pressure to parts of your hands and feet that connect to specific areas of your body. Our moms-to-be love this soothing technique and go home feeling relaxed and at ease.