Essential Oils 101…

Contrary to popular belief, it is not merely the aroma of essential oils imparts their effects.

Certainly, the aroma has a lot to do with the psychological and spiritual effects the oils have, but getting the oils on your body, you will experience another good way to benefit from the oil. One of the best places to put therapeutic grade oils is on the bottom of your feet. You can put the oil neat (undiluted) on the bottom of your feet.

Lavender oil is very soothing to the mind and calming to the nervous system. Japanese researchers studied lavender and found that the aroma of lavender is “associated with reduced mental stress.”

Diffuse or put a couple drops in your hand and then inhale. Apply direct application. Another way to enjoy calming lavender oil is to place a few drops on a cotton ball and tuck it under your pillow for a peaceful night’s rest.

Citrus oils are very good to use in the winter. All the citrus oils are uplifting and mood elevating. Generally, the citrus oils are cold pressed from the rind of the fruit. Orange essential oil has been used in dental offices to promote calmness. Orange oil is a wonderful “happy oil.”

Citrus oils are nice to diffuse or an uplifting mood. When diffusing oils, use a COLD diffusing method. Never heat your therapeutic grade oils. Heating destroys the therapeutic qualities. If you don’t have a cold diffuser, you can put some oil on a cotton ball or tissue. You can even mix oil in a spray bottle with water and spritz in the air.

My absolute favorite for lifting the mood is the oil blend Christmas Spirit. Christmas Spirit has orange & cinnamon. It smells absolutely wonderful & can lift your mood almost instantly.

Another oil that seems to banish the blues for many people is Bergamot. This essential oil is gentler, with a touch of floral in its scent. Several studies addressed bergamot as an oil that cheers feelings of sadness.

Ylang ylang got top honors in a 2006 topical-use study in relieving the down in-the-dumps feeling and calming upsetting stress. There are essential oil blends that contain many of these inspirational and mood-enhancing oils.

Other oils that have calming and sedative properties are rose, valerian, patchouli, and the “blue” essential oils (blue tansy and German chamomile)