Prenatal massage for your changing body – 2nd trimester

As the weeks roll by during your pregnancy, you’ve noticed your body begin to change even more in your second trimester. Usually these months are easier than the first trimester, but you’ll still experience symptoms that can take a toll on your energy and well-being. That’s why a regular Prenatal Massage Vancouver appointment should be a regular date in your calendar.

At Oceana Massage, we are the leading Vancouver prenatal massage specialist. We’ll help take care of your changing body to help make your pregnancy as relaxed and comfortable as possible.

You may have left nausea and fatigue behind, which are common symptoms during the first trimester. For the next few months your body can experience increased pain in the back, belly, groin or thigh. Other common symptoms during this stage of your pregnancy can include swelling ankles, fingers or face.

You can enjoy many benefits from a prenatal massage session. Your muscles will relax and you’ll feel a release of tension. Stress also takes a toll on your joints, especially the ankles and you can enjoy special massage to ease the pain in your joints. From helping you sleep to maintaining a proper posture, you can relax knowing you’re in capable hands.

Visit us today and schedule regular appointments for special prenatal massage. For the best care and preparation for your delivery experience and your baby’s wellbeing, book a Busy Mom package with 5 sessions. Tell your girlfriends, this makes an excellent baby shower gift!