Ear Candling

Ear candling has been a therapeutic healing method for thousands of years. This ancient art was used by early civilizations and continues to be used by many cultures today. Ear candling is a natural and effective therapy in treatment of ear problems and many other ailments including sinus congestion, colds, the flu, sore throats, ear aches, ear infections sinus infections, lymphatic congestion, swollen glands, snoring balance and equilibrium, and allergy symptoms. As well, hearing difficulties (most forms) pain or pressure when flying, scuba diving or other temperatures and elevation discomfort.

How it works
With the ear candle inserted into the ear the heat from the flame creates a stimulating, soothing warming effect to the tissues in and around the ear. The mechanics of this process are partly physical and partly energetic in nature. The result is a stimulation of lymphatic drainage in the entire head and neck region. The Eustachian tubes open and relax, allowing improved drainage and pressure equalization. The sinuses are then triggered to start draining. The body’s disease fighting immune response is greatly enhanced in strength.

This means quicker recovery and a rapid decrease in symptom severity from many illnesses.  So if you are having trouble with your ears, nose or throat, why not try this soothing, and relaxing method to clear out your ears.