Engage your senses with a Vancouver Massage: Part 2 of our de-Stress series

When is the last time you engaged your senses at the same time for the same purpose? If you think a massage will help relieve your stress, you should know that when you come into Oceana Massage, you get more than just a massage. Your entire sense of well-being will also be rejuvenated.

We all deal with stress every day, and some days are worse than others. Stress can affect your mood, raise your blood pressure, cause headaches, sleeplessness and affect relationships with our loved ones and anyone we interact with, including the people we work with.

We can take our senses for granted but they once they are stimulated and aligned, they help centre you and let your stress drift away. From the moment you walk into your massage room at Oceana, your senses will awaken. Picture this…

Your eyes relax the moment you walk into the massage room, which is softly lit and painted in soothing earth tones. It sets the mood and you feel your energy respond and relax.

As you lie back and your skin rests against the soft sheets, you hear a Tibetan singing bowl him. Its ancient tones signal the beginning of your session and align your chakras, your energy centres. Sound is closely tied to our moods and for the rest of the session, the only sound you hear is relaxing non-lyrical music. You find your mind emptying of busy thoughts.

Scent is one of our strongest senses, as it processes everything from the pleasurable to the intense. During your Vancouver massage therapy session, your senses will awaken and evoke different responses from the array of essential oils we select just for you. While lavender is calming, orange is more stimulating and chamomile relaxes.

And last but not least, your skin and nerves and muscles will tingle and sing under the talented hands of Susan Polano. <Link to testimonials>. Ahh, sense-ational!