How a Vancouver Massage can make you a nicer person: Part 1 of our de-Stress series

We all handle stress differently. Some of us lose sleep, eat more or eat less, suffer headaches or even snap at people, often those we love. The one thing we all have in common is that stress is very hard on our wellbeing. A relaxing Vancouver massage using essential oils can help relieve stress and promote healing for the mind and body.

The three most common types of stress are work, relationship and financial stress. At Oceana Massage, we use more than 400 different types of essential oils to soothe a variety of stress-related symptoms, including anxiety, headaches and nausea.

Essential oils are used during massage to promote healing of the mind and body thanks to each of their distinct qualities and aromas.

When you come in for a Vancouver massage treatment, we’ll sit down do an intake session to determine your emotional and mental stress levels through a series of questions. Then we’ll know what kind of stress you’re having and the best essential oils that can help you feel better.

Essential oils are made up of different parts of plants, including flower petals, leaves and bark. Lavender is a grounding oil that brings your system to a neutral space. Bergamont eases external stress while chamomile helps with sleep issues and orange promotes happiness.

Come in for a Vancouver massage; we’ll use essential oils to soothe your stress, and help you relax and be a nicer person.