Are You Having a Personal “Energy Crisis?”

What do you think is the most pressing health problem facing Americans today?

Cancer? Diabetes? Heart disease?

Those are certainly serious problems – but there’s another health crisis that’s being caused by the unprecedented stressbombarding us every single day and night

We’re sleeping less and worrying more.

It’s absolutely true.

Americans are so stressed-out…and all this stress is creating an epidemic of fatigue that’s sapping their energy, stamina, and optimism.

America’s other “energy crisis”

As a result, millions of adults are slogging through the day, feeling tired and worn-out — half-awake and chronically exhausted.

To give you an idea of how widespread this problem is, sales of caffeinated energy drinks will top $9 billion this year! This is a product category that didn’t even exist in 2002!

But caffeine just makes the problem worse!

That’s because the underlying problem is that our adrenal glands have hit “burnout” due to the relentless stress we’re under.

Consuming these energy drinks is like flogging an exhausted oarsman to make him row harder. “That’s the real danger,” according to Dr. Alan Pressman, “because this can cause a serious breakdown in the body’s protective immunes system. That’s the beginning of real health problems.”

See Dr. Pressman’s fascinating explanation here »

Other ways we’re coping:

Even more troubling are the unhealthy ways people are coping with this barrage of stress-induced fatigue.

They’re eating more to calm themselves (mostly fattening carbohydrate “comfort foods”) … drinking more alcohol and using recreational drugs … turning to tobacco for stress-relief … and gulping tranquilizers, painkillers, and sleeping pills in record numbers.

Of course, none of these can solve the “adrenal crisis” that’s at the heart of the problem.

A new natural solution that does…

“When the adrenal glands are burned-out, the only solution is a ‘re-charge,'” as Dr. Pressman says, “like when you car battery is too weak to start the engine.”

“Usually, the most effective remedy is a two-week vacation in the mountains or at the beach,” he continued. “But few people take the time for that – so I came up with a solution that’s the next best thing.”

Written by Dr. Jonny Bowden