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Massage Eliminates Toxins

Are you tired or sick all of the time? Do you have stubborn cellulite or struggle to lose weight? Do you want to boost your immune system to combat a current illness or prevent its recurrence. Most people don’t know that massage offers a viable – and extremely enjoyable – solution for all of these concerns.

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Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Lymphatic Drainage Massage (MLD) is a specialized massage treatment that rids the body of toxins & cellulite, encourages weight loss, and boosts the immune system to help fight off lethargy and disease.  At Oceana Massage, we gently use rhythmic massage strokes toward your lymph nodes to stimulate your system and help your body clear out the trapped waste and rid your body of excess fluid.  We work on different areas and coax toxins to come ‘up and out. This treatment is very relaxing but very profound in its effects. It will  leave you feeling fantastic.

If you’ve never heard of MLD, you may be surprised how long this technique has been around.  It was developed in the 1930′s to help people improve the drainage of their lymph system. Why is this so important? We all have a lymph system that works like the clean-up crew after a house party. It rids your body of waste but if things aren’t working properly or your crew is sleeping on the job, your system can get blocked. And this can affect your immune system, which affects your health.

If you’re feeling drained of energy, a lymphatic drainage massage has many benefits. It can boost your metabolism for increased weight loss; help with healing after surgery by regenerating tissue; reduce swelling and detoxify your body; improve your immune system and even help reduce pain levels.

Research Supports Massage for Detoxification

  • In a study conducted by the Touch Research Institute (TRI) at the University of Miami on women who had been diagnosed with breast cancer. The women received regular massage therapy (three times a week for five weeks) and showed an 80 percent improvement in immune function.
  • Another TRI study addressed fibromyalgia (a chronic condition characterized by muscular pain, aching, and/or stiffness and afflicting an estimated 3 – 6 million Americans). A portion of the study group received 30 minute massages twice a week for five weeks. The rheumatologists that evaluated the results determined that this group experienced decreases in pain, fatigue, stiffness and improvements in the quality of sleep.
  • With regular Lymphatic Drainage Massage, clients experience weight Loss (1-5lbs/treatment package), cellulite reduction, improved immune function, and more energy.

The benefits of MLD are amazing and this type of massage is a favourite among clients. Now if only we could think of a better sounding name for this wonderful treatment!

How Many Treatments Do I Need?

Like exercise – once is good, but the real benefit comes from a multiple treatment package. Lymphatic Drainage Massage is best done in multiples of 4 – 10 treatments performed no more than a week to 10 days apart.  This very gentle massage can have very profound effects on the body.

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This is a testimonial for Dr. Alexina Mehta, Naturopathic Physician, and Susan Polano, Massage Therapist.

Why am I giving them a testimonial to be shared between the two of then? Basically, it is because I had the pleasure of seeing Susan Polano last Saturday for a lympathic drainage massage, followed pretty much immediately by an appointment with Dr. Alexina. I earned something invaluable that day, which is that Susan and Alexina make a great “health team” for me.

I was a little apprehensive going into the lymphatic drainage massage appointment, as I had never had that type of treatment before. I had massages from Susan before, though, so I trusted her and the lymphatic drainage massage turned out to be quite wonderful. I immediately booked a second session and, to top it all off, Susan found something that concerned her during the course of the treatment and recommended that I discuss it with Alexina. I did so, and Alexina was able to offer me some suggestions that were (importantly!) very easy for me to follow and which have really helped me.

So to anyone who is looking for a health team consisting of experienced, caring, highly skilled practitioners, I would urge them to see Susan Polano and Alexina Mehta.

Susan Apperley
I went to see Susan while I was cleansing for a lymphatic drainage massage. It really helped complement the detox process I was doing. She focussed on all the major lymph clusters and was very knowledgable about the process. She also provided a lot of great follow-up tips to further enhance the cleanse I was doing. This was my first visit for this type of massage and it was worth it, I will do it again.

Thanks Susan!

Nicole, North Vancouver
I feel great – I need more inflammation release – my right side is almost completely healed!
As a client, I’m very pleased with the results of my Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) sessions with Susan Polano at Oceana Massage. The MLD massage has been the deciding factor in helping my immune system and improving my physical well-being. Her knowledge of manual lymph drainage technique has been beneficial to my health. I noticed an immediate effect and felt relaxed with a diminished pain level. I highly recommend Susan Polano for manual lymph drainage massage in Vancouver. Thank you Susan!
Marc J, Vancouver
Susan is amazing! I’m a huge fan of lymphatic drainage massage and nobody does it better than Susan, I have already recommended her to friends and colleagues who agree! She has a beautiful office in an easy to access location, Susan is talented, professional, warm and engaging! Will keep coming back for more!
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